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  • FREE Yoga Mondays!!
    There is no better way to start your week than with a great chiropractic adjustment and a free Yoga class. Yes, I said FREE! Mark your calendars to join us Read more
  • Let us send you and a friend to a UT football game!
    We are excited about getting you to a UT football game! Help us Help you! How to enter: 1. Fill out a review online at Yelp, Google +, or Facebook 2. Refer a friend Read more
  • Another wonderful summer is gone but not forgotten!
    Another wonderful summer is gone but not forgotten! Most of those with families are getting ready for or are already Back to School. This is the time of last minute school Read more
  • We can score a "Touchdown" together!!
    We at Touch of Life Chiropractic truly care about your health and are 100% committed to doing our part. It is vital we work as a Team to accomplish your Read more
  • Chiropractic Attitude Adjustments :)
    NEW RESEARCH REVIEWSResearch Proves Chiropractic Adjustments Effect Emotions, Learning, Memory, Consciousness, Motivation, Homeostasis, Perception, Motor Control, Self-Awareness, Cognitive Function, Voluntary Movement, Decision Making, Touch and Pain  For decades chiropractors and their Read more
  • Like us on Facebook!
    Have you liked us on Facebook? Click on the link below to get updates on office closings, special events and classes at Touch of Life Chiropractic. Read more
  • Give to "Shoes For Love"
    Hi, Touch of Life Family. My children, Isa and Xen, are doing a service project and would love your help. It's called "Shoes For Love". They are collecting all your Read more
  • Turn that frown upside down!
    Good morning!! Another rainy day here in Austin, Texas. It's easy to start feeling down or sad on rainy days. Fight off the gloomy urge and keep a smile on your face. Here's how to keep Read more